Frequently Asked Questions

See this page: Accessibility

You are not allowed to bring your own refreshments. There are catering facilities in the building where drinks and food are available. There will be a bag check at the entrance. (Small) Candy and chewing gum is allowed to be brought, however, provided it is in quantities for your own use.

Backpacks and/or holdalls are not allowed during events. Handbags may enter if they are no larger than A4 size and no thicker than 10 cm. Bags may be searched and checked. The organization will make every effort to keep any queues to a minimum. We ask you to leave bags at home and ask for your understanding and cooperation.

There are no lockers available to store your (hand) bag during the event.

Tickets are on sale only through our online ticket shop.

Should you, whether due to a program change or not, want to change or rebook your ticket, that is possible. You can contact our ticket provider at Mention in your e-mail your name, your reservation number, the number of tickets you want to rebook and to which day you want to rebook. They will then accomplish the rebooking. Any difference in ticket price will be settled by

Bringing (digital) photo and video equipment is allowed on the field and / or in the building provided it is not used for commercial purposes. Upon discovery of unlawful commercial use of this equipment you will be removed from our grounds and/or premises and this will be reported to The Organization and the KNWU. Any follow-up steps will be taken by these parties. At all times the safety of the riders must be taken into account and it is not allowed to take pictures along the balustrade along the track. The use of selfie sticks is not permitted.

Professional photographic, audio, imaging and other (recording) equipment requires press accreditation from the organization. If you wish to apply for such press accreditation, please see the ''media'' page.

Omnisport is accessible to wheelchair users and the disabled; an elevator is available on each floor.

The entire building is smoke-free. Smoking is only allowed outside in designated locations.

You can contact 055 368 4611 during office hours or email

Dogs and other pets are not allowed in Omnisport Apeldoorn. We only make an exception for specially trained dogs that are used to accompany disabled people, such as guide dogs and dogs of the Foundation Hulppond. Please contact the organization in advance. Papers showing that it is an assistance dog must be shown at Omnisport reception.

Yes, you can pay with debit and credit cards. There is no ATM machine.

There are no lockers in Omnisport.

Click here for the internal rules and regulations.

Omnisport and the organization accept no liability for personal injury and/or theft, loss, damage or loss of visitors' property that occurs during and/or as a result of visiting the accommodation, except to the extent that this is the result of intentional or deliberate recklessness on the part of Omnisport and the organization.

Flasks in Omnisport is not a problem, but we do not have a space that is explicitly equipped. Feel free to ask a service employee, and the employee will ensure that you are escorted to the room. When you indicate at arrival that you have to poke during your stay, it is no problem to bring a bag of flasks.

Ja. glutenvrij eten is beschikbaar bij de hoofdcounters in de fanzone.

Ja dat kan. Als u uw ticket laat scannen door de beveiligers met het verlaten van Omnisport Apeldoorn kunt u naar buiten. Bij binnenkomst kunt u uw ticket wederom scannen en kunt u naar binnen.