House regulations 

Omnisport Apeldoorn is only accessible at the time of the European Championships Track Cycling with a valid ticket or accreditation.

Welcome to the 2024 European Championships Track Cycling! Libéma Prof Cycling B.V. (hereafter called: Organizer) organizes on behalf of the European Championships Track Cycling 2024 in the location of Omnisport Apeldoorn (hereafter called: Organizer). hereinafter referred to as: Omnisport). The Omnisport location at the time of the European Championships Track Cycling can only be accessed with a valid admission ticket or accreditation. In order to be able to guarantee a pleasant and safe visit.

The following house rules also apply:

1. Visiting the accommodation and/or the event takes place at your own risk. The accommodation is open to the public no later than 1 hour before the start of the competition. Please consult the website of the event for the exact opening times.

2. Own consumptions (with the exception of a small bottle of water (max. 500ml) or small candy) are not allowed. There are catering facilities on the premises where drinks and food are available. At theentrance there will be a bag check.

3. Drugs, (toy) weapons and fireworks are prohibited.

4. The (security) staff appointed by the Organizer are authorized to check visitors (by means of frisking and strip search), to search your bag(s) and to confiscate (in their opinion) unauthorized objects. If you do not cooperate, you will be denied access to the location and the event. location and the event. Medication is of course allowed if a medical certificate can be shown.

5. If a visitor, in the opinion of (security engaged by and/or employees of)
Organiser/Omnisport disrupts the order, tranquillity and/or safety, whether or not as a result of infringing of these house rules, this visitor can be denied access to the location and/or the event.
or deprived of it.

6. It is not permitted during the event or in the location of Omnisport explicitly political,
ideological or religious views during the event or in the Omnisport location or to make statements which can be regarded as offensive, hurtful or insulting. In addition, (the wearing) of nationalistic and/or political statements in clothing or on attributes brought along is prohibited. In (one of) the preceding situation(s) and/or in the event of threat, destruction, damage, assault, intimidation,
aggression, discrimination, racism, theft and/or sexual harassment you will be denied access to the location and the event and the police may be warned.

7. Visitors who act unlawfully in respect of the Organiser and/or Omnisport (or its employees) and/or cause damage. Omnisport and/or cause damage to the property of the Organiser and/or Omnisport and/or third party/parties. will be held liable and the damage will be recovered from them.

8. It is prohibited to take glassware outside the area where the glassware is provided.

9. Flyering, collecting or carrying out other (commercial) activities (such as making advertising and/or offering goods or services) is only allowed after written permission of Organizer. Such permission must be shown upon first request.

10. The entire building is smoke-free. E-cigarettes and other forms of smoking are also not allowed. Smoking and the use of e-cigarettes is permitted only outside in designated designated locations.

11. Visitors must at all times follow instructions from the security services and/or staff of Organizer and/or Omnisport.

12. It is not permitted to hang over the railing of the cycling track, also jackets etc. may never be jackets etc. may never be hung over the rail.

13. Entering the cycling track by unauthorized persons is not permitted.

14. Organizer may make or have made visual and/or audio recordings of the location, activities and persons moving in or around the location. These recordings can be used as atmospheric impressions used in commercial communications. If you do not want to be in the picture, avoid the places where a filmer, film crew and/or photographer at work. For the use and publication of these organizer owes no compensation to the persons portrayed persons.

15. Organiser and Omnisport will process personal data (including (camera) images) in accordance with applicable regulations and its privacy statement.

16. Bringing (digital) photographic and video equipment into the accommodation is permitted provided that the equipment and images are not used for commercial purposes. In case of unlawful commercial use of this equipment and/or images, you will be removed from the accommodation
and you will be denied (further) access to the event and this will be reported to Organizer and the KNWU. Any follow-up steps will be taken by these parties.

17. Organizer and Omnisport accept no liability for personal injury and/or theft, loss, missing or damage to the property of its visitors arising during and/or as a result of a visit to the accommodation and/or the event, except insofar as caused as a result of Omnisport.

18. Organiser and Omnisport are not liable for consequential damage, including loss of profits.

19. Insofar as Organiser and Omnisport cannot appeal to the limitations of liability set out above, Organiser and Omnisport shall be liable at the most for that which is covered by the relevant liability insurance, including the amount of the excess.

20. In situations not covered by these house rules, the Organiser and/or persons engaged by her shall decide and/or Omnisport shall decide on the measures to be taken.