Since 1974, KOGA has been delivering premium quality bicycles and service, designed and handcrafted in the Netherlands. Through active involvement in the world of cycling, KOGA can translate its knowledge, passion, and dedication into superior products for every cycling enthusiast, regardless of their goals and ambitions.

For over 20 years, KOGA has been a partner of the Royal Dutch Cycling Union (KNWU) as a bicycle supplier, and during these years, they have achieved numerous great successes at European Championships, World Championships, and the Olympic Games. Consequently, KOGA proudly partners with Libema and the European Track Cycling Championships.

About the KOGA Kinsei

During the Tokyo Games, the Dutch track cyclists rode on the KOGA Kinsei track bike. This track bike was developed by KOGA in collaboration with KNWU, TU Delft, Actiflow, and Pontis Engineering. The result is a track bike that is even more aerodynamic, stiffer, and faster than its predecessor.

With three gold medals among other achievements, the Kinsei proved itself as the fastest track bike in the world. Heading towards the Paris Games, KOGA didn't rest on its laurels. In early 2023, they unveiled the renewed and improved version of the Kinsei. Responding to the request from KNWU to make the bike even faster, KOGA focused on the fork and cockpit, resulting in a fork that is 7% more aerodynamic and a cockpit that is 23% faster.

Moreover, there is now also a Kinsei road bike, derived from the track bike. Additionally, KOGA manufactures gravel bikes, trekking bikes, city bikes, and e-bikes. To learn more about KOGA and their bike collection, visit www.koga.com.