Apeldoorn is at the heart of the natural Veluwe ridge. With a population of more than 160,000 it is one of the Netherlands’ top ten cities. The villages of Beekbergen, Hoenderloo and Loenen also form part of Apeldoorn.

Compared to other cities in the Netherlands, Apeldoorn is surprisingly different. Few cities offer such tranquillityand space. The spacious and wooded surroundings give the city its own highly distinctive character. The streetscape is dominated by green. Charming gardens and parks can be found throughout the city centre as well as in its various neighbourhoods. The monumental buildings particularly in the park zones and the Berg en Bos district add to the city’s appeal.

Apeldoorn is also home to the stately Loo Palace, the former summer residence of the Dutch Royal family. Nowadays the palace is a museum to which the public annually flock in their thousands. Open during the summer months, the beautiful gardens alone are worth a visit.

Whatever you’re looking for, Apeldoorn has it. Culture in all shapes and forms abounds in the city and visitors will discover a host of interesting places to visit. The modern city centre offers endless opportunities to shop and there are numerous venues for a great night out. Lovers of architecture will also delight in the city’s many noteworthy buildings. Apart from the Loo Palace, visitors can also enjoy other cultural landmarks such as the CODA Museum and the Fine Arts Museum (Huis voor Schoone Kunsten). The Orpheus Theatre (Schouwburg Orpheus) offers a varied annual programme of theatre productions. In short, there’s always something happening in Apeldoorn.